Delphus: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

Over the past few months, we’ve had a blast building Delphus, a revolutionary scientific study manager built for the Ethereum blockchain. Our product is built on the premise that studies should be transparent, secure, and accessible to everyone. In this post, we’ll share the history of our project as it has evolved to become what it is today.

Where We’ve Been

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Delphus began as a humble project developed overnight at MAHacks III, a New England hackathon. After gaining inspiration from a Forbes article that recommended using blockchain technologies in clinical trials, and gathering our own information from a sister familiar with scientific trials, we built the early-alpha version of Delphus, then called reBlock.

Delphus, then called reBlock, original hackathon version

It wasn’t pretty, but it was functional, and it had the core features still present in our product today. To our surprise, the hackathon judges awarded us first place, and we decided to continue developing it further. After meeting Erick Pinos there, the President of the MIT Bitcoin Club, he let us know about the MIT Bitcoin Expo Pitch Competition and encouraged us to submit.

Delphus v0.3.0, as presented at the MIT Bitcoin Expo

Three weeks of tireless work later, this was the result: a fully-functional, end-to-end study management platform. Against promising startups like Coconut and, we won second place and a partnership with Pillar VC, who continues to help us today.

Shortly thereafter, we went on to speak at Babson College about our product as part of Boston Blockchain Week. Then, we hunkered down for the summer developing the remaining features for our product, including participant data management, encryption, and a smoother UI flow. As the summer finished, we went to DoraHacks in Boston to develop patient data alerting, winning first place and a prize of $1.5k.

Most recently, we have gone to California for business purposes and working towards the future of Delphus.

Where We’re Going

Delphus today

We are currently seeking beta testers for our first public trials, beginning with university studies. We are expanding our market both nationally and internationally. Furthermore, we are in conversation a few impressive companies, which we hope to be able to speak more in depth about in the future.

Of course, there are always more features to implement as well, from our novel tokenized reputation system for medical professionals to a machine-learning recommendation system to automatically connect researchers to patients. We plan to finish these in the coming months to further improve our product.

We’re excited to get our product out into the world, and we believe it can benefit all of scientific research. Want to use it? Contact us at