Delphus Winter 2020 Update

The Delphus team has been hard at work over the past few months, steadily improving our product with many heavily-requested features. At the same time, we’ve been busy both in and out of the country bringing Delphus to many new people!

Product Updates


We have introduced support for the standard XForms specification, used by software from the Open Data Kit ecosystem. Supporting file uploads, multiple pages, advanced skip logic, and structured data collection, it has greatly improved our support for complex forms and data submissions.

Further, we have also implemented support for XForm imports from other software. This allows researchers to easily migrate to our platform without spending time on retraining or converting battle-tested form designs.

Multi-collateral Dai Support

We have updated to support multi-collateral Dai on the Kovan testnet, connecting to Dai on the Kovan contracts powering Oasis Trade. This is a foundational upgrade that increases the security of our payment storage and compensation system.

Further, we have tested the upgrade with our automated Dai exchange functionality, ensuring that it properly continues operations into the future.

UI Redesigns

We’ve greatly improved the appearance of our landing page to more clearly convey the benefits of using Delphus, with three key points where Delphus helps:

Delphus’s redesigned landing page

We’ve also made improvements to the user interface for both researchers and participants, streamlining the interface to create a study and add data.

Sponsor Awards at ETHWaterloo

Our most interesting weekend was at ETHWaterloo, where we spent time creating Cortex, a decentralized Ethereum identity verification system. It’s our hope to integrate this as a trusted method of organizational verification in Delphus to demonstrate the identities of researchers and to provide it as a Keybase-like service for the Ethereum ecosystem.

We were happy to work with members of several development teams at the event, including NuCypher, Ethereum Name Service, and Torus, integrating their software with ours. We were also honored to be selected for the following prizes:

  • NuCypher Award
  • Ethereum Name Service Award
  • Torus Award

It was a great experience hacking in Waterloo, and we hope to return next year!

Whitepaper Update

As part of our documentation updates, we have updated the whitepaper to include a clearer description of our problem statement and an updated technical architecture. If you haven’t taken a look at it before, please check it out now!

That’s all — best wishes for a wonderful 2020 and a new decade!

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