MakerDao's Dai and Delphus

Rationale for Tutorial

While Dai is a useful tool and allows for stability of a platform, there are not many instructions on how to implement this token into either a new Distributed Application or an existing one. Further, existing documentation does not appear to exist with few understandable comments, which, to be fair, is somewhat understandable with such a new implementation.

MakerDao’s official chat has been more than helpful, but we believe that it may allow for easier integration if there was a documented journey from start to finish, including the most common errors found, it may be useful for others.

We will be showing snippets of our code as we implement them, and our full source code will be released at the public release (we aim to be open source).

Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we hope that it ends up working for both you and us.

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