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Our Plans for the Future

Welcome to the official blog of Scintillating and Delphus.

In this blog, we would like to talk about the development of our product.

In an age of increasing lack of privacy, evidenced by corporations like Facebook and Amazon, data is easily sold off and not valued by corporations. The medical field specifically faces a large problem when dealing with the results of studies; data transparency is nonexistent in comparison to the quantity of available data from said studies. An estimated 90% of study results are never released, preventing others from building upon their work and creating an open scientific community. Even if obtained, sensitive data is difficult to secure from alteration or tampering which creates issues with study transparency and consent in the long term. Finally, discovering participants is costly and time-consuming, while the budget of many researchers is comparatively not enough to deal with these issues alone.

Researchers need software that can cut costs and save time. They require tools capable of managing payments and securing data. Patients need a greater access to their own data and a larger degree of privacy.

While other companies have developed their own clinical trial management platforms in an effort to solve these issues, these conventional systems often create new problems. They do little to preserve the results of completed studies for future researchers and breed distrust due to a lack of transparency. Thankfully, these issues can be solved via the blockchain which allows for immutable and transparent studies through smart contracts. Using Delphus, the blockchain-based decentralized study management system, all of these problems are solved.

Delphus is our flagship product that aims to improve clinical studies by modernizing the workflow of researchers’ data submission and collection.

By using the blockchain, we can dramatically cut down the costs of data management and are able to improve communication between participants and researchers through trustless smart contracts.

We aim to finish the minimum viable product of Delphus by the end of July, which includes these features:

  • COM token (with dividends)
  • Uploading consent forms, consent recording
  • The ability to create a study with custom fields
  • Integrated participant database
  • Encrypted upload of data points to IPFS
  • Distribution of funds to patients through ETH
  • DAI as intermediary currency for stability
  • Importing/exporting data points
  • Comprehensive system for adding data fields to allow for customizable studies
  • Seamless tutorial and smoothly flowing UI

By implementing all of these features, we can solve the key issues that worsen the experience for both researchers and participants. After this, we will do extensive testing before expanding to local colleges.

If you would like to learn more, you can visit our website here.

edited product name to Delphus

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